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Designed for all levels/everyone


Never taken a yoga class?  Want to learn what yoga is?  This is the class for you!  In Beginners class you will learn what yoga is, minor breathwork, most common poses and modifications.  This is a 30 minute class short and sweet but very effective.

Morning Flow

This class is the early morning class to get your day started off right! It is a 45-minute energizing flow to prepare yourself for the day ahead!

Gentle Flow

This is an evening class designed to help you relax and end your day positively.  45 min class that has a nice flow and is focused on stretching and relaxation. Come wind down your day with us.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is exactly how it sounds!  Yoga poses with the support of a chair!  This class will last 30 minutes.  Chair yoga is great for everyone and has so many benefits!  Benefits include flexibility, balance, strength, improved circulation, improved posture, joint lubrication, and decreases stress and pain.


This is a deep relaxation class that will last 45 minutes.  You will rest in poses supported by props to bring total relaxation to your body.  Props will be provided you can bring your own mat if you like.

Sound Healing

Join us for an hour of relaxation with sound.  Sound bowls will be used to facilitate the sound and vibrations to heal your body's energy while you lay, relax, listen, and absorb.  This is an hour class so you may bring a pillow or blanket for more comfort.

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