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Child's Pose

Studio Rules

Yoga with Betsy is a small, quiet, peaceful studio that has something for everyone, and at all levels.  Please abide by the following rules to create a safe place for everyone to practice

Rules: Offerings

Own Journey

Yoga is your own personal journey – it is a union between your body, mind, and soul to enjoy the many blessings and happiness for yourself, so you are able to share with others.

Judgement Free Zone

Leave all religion, racial, political beliefs outside the studio – the studio is a judgement free zone for everyone.


Make sure you have already booked and paid for your class before arriving

Timely Arrival

Arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts to prepare for class and be in your spot – classes start on time.

What to Bring

Bring your own mat, props, and water. 

Be Respectful

Upon entering please be respectful of everyone joining you in a class or a class in progress.  Quietly remove your shoes and place personal items in a cubby – NO CELL PHONES IN CLASS

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